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5 Steps in Breaking Up with Your Long Term Boyfriend

December 26, 2009 by  
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Breaking up is never easy, but what is perhaps more emotionally tasking and difficult is breaking up with your long term boyfriend. You’ve spent decades of your life with each other, and it may get really tough for you and your boyfriend to uproot yourselves from the solid foundation that you’ve built through time. But not all childhood sweethearts end up happily together. Below you can find relationship break up advice suitable for breaking up with a long term boyfriend.

There’s really no single break up process that would suit every relationship. Relationship break up advice is provided to help, but the final decision is still up to you.

One of the first things you have to do is decide on a time that’s perfect for both you and your partner to discuss your decision. You’ve been with your boyfriend for quite some time, so it’s safe to assume you know about his mood swings and dispositions. Choose to talk with him on a day when he’s likely to be level headed and will react to your decision maturely.

Before you start opening up, make sure you prep your boyfriend up for a serious discussion. It may be that you already have a cue or signal before heavy discussions. Use it so he is aware that he should pay close attention and treat you seriously.

Then, this is the part when you start pouring out all your thoughts, feelings and emotions that have led you to making your decision to break up. As much as possible, don’t allow yourself to be interrupted during this time. Be specific and let your partner understand your side. Also, note that when you’re in a long term relationship, you may be easily swayed by your boyfriend. Be firm and show him that you are determined.

Afterwards, give your boyfriend a chance to speak up. Here, you may come to a resolution to break up and not see each other, or to break up but still continue seeing each other as friends, considering you’ve been with each other for decades.

Lastly, however way it goes, make sure you inform your boyfriend that you are thankful for a meaningful relationship with him, and he still makes up for a very important part in your life. These are some relationship break up advice on steps to break up with a long term boyfriend.

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