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7 Things Men Dislike About Women (Part 1)

March 4, 2009 by  
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As much as we like to focus on the woman’s interest and complain about men, not being gentlemanly enough or doing things that they dislike. Sometimes, you have to give the guys a break. There are things that women do that men dislike a lot too. And in fact, there are 7 things that men dislike about women.

I’m going to share them with you in this 2 part series on the 7 things Men dislike About Women . So if you’re a woman, you’ll be surprised at what you are about to find out about the things that men dislike about us :

1. Being a fussy eater
No doubt we are always concerned about our body and weight and almost on a diet on every other day, but sometimes when we are around men or our guy, we’ve got to let loose for awhile. To tell you the truth, every man likes a woman with a hearty appetite (my boyfriend agrees fyi) because it communicates to them your passion for life and all things enjoyable. It will make him feel comfortable also where he doesn’t see himself as being impolite for pigging out while you’re eating only greens. So even if you’re on a diet, just give yourself a break while you’re with him.

2. Being Always late
Being late for 5 minutes is understandable. Being fashionably late by around 15 to 30 minutes may be still tolerable. But being late for over 30 minutes and making your guy wait for you aimlessly, is close to being despicable. If you are this late for your dates all the time, that is even worse. Imagine if he has made special plans for the both of you, only to have to cancel them because of your unpunctuality , the both of you are not going to enjoy the evening completely for sure. If you have a tendency to be late, do make the effort to get ready earlier and be on time.

3. Always on the phone when you’re with him
When you are out with your guy, always make sure to switch your mobile phone to vibration mode to ensure that you have an uninterrupted time with him. That will make him feel important. You don’t need to answer every call that comes. Pick calls that are important. It is okay for you to answer a phone call when you are with him but make those calls short and polite. And don’t yak on the phone just because your best friend called you to tell you about the sale.

We’re half way down the list! Be back in 2 to 3 days’ time to learn about the rest of them! You’ll definitely want to learn more about the things that men dislike women about because you’ll want to start changing your ways to make him happy.

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2 Responses to “7 Things Men Dislike About Women (Part 1)”

  1. Alan de Jose Says:

    8. Internalizing everything you say and applying it to them and then holding it against you. Its not about you ladies!! Get over it. So we said something stupid fifteen years ago. Like you never say anything stupid!!! Let it go and get over it!!

    9. Using sex as a means of control. I have heard too many women refer to their husbands as control freaks. Ha! Thats laughable. Even during sex we have to try and please you. Have you ever thought of meeting our needs for once? Think of ways to make your partners sex life exhilarating! Not just on how we should meet your requirements.

    10. Lacking respect and desire for their men and then wondering why he doesn’t perform to their liking. Life is learning how to get the most out of your man by building him up. If a man doesn’t feel confident then he will not slay the dragons for you.

  2. Daniel Says:

    i have a debate on Sunday, on the topic what men dislike about women and i speaking for the motion, i will be very grateful if i could get some points for my Debate. thanks

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