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Need Relationship Advice? Top 3 Chat Rooms to Check Out

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Being in a relationship is not a bed of roses all the time. A lot of things can go wrong in a relationship, and when that happens, it can bring a lot of pain and confusion to the individuals involved. One of the best ways to settle it is to seek advice from those who have been in a similar situation, and learn from their experience so you can apply it to your own relationship. Fortunately, there are several relationship advice chat rooms that connect individuals across the world to discuss about relationships.

One of the relationship advice chat rooms you can check out is This website is the ultimate database for relationship dating as it features articles, tips, advices, pick up lines you can use, and of course, chat rooms where individuals like you can interact and talk about relationship problems. One of the best things about discussing your relationship problems in chat rooms is that you’re given anonymity. No one knows about you, so you can be free in expressing your current situation and dilemma. The chat rooms in this website are grouped according to category: kids, teens, women, men, and relationship-buddy.

If you’re looking for relationship advice chat with a psychic guru, you may also avail of these services for a fee at If you’ve got a question pertaining to your relationships and love life, you can chat with a psychic and get live advice and psychic readings which can provide answers to your queries. This is not only applicable for relationships, but for other aspects of your life as well. All you have to do is register and provide your billing information in order to start your live session with a psychic. This is for those individuals who have the resources and who are willing to pay to get sound psychic advice.

Also making it to the top three relationship advice chat room list is The whole website is dedicated to providing relationship advice for guys. The chat room is a great way of interacting with fellow males to give and receive relationship advice. All you have to do is type in your nickname, and you’re good to go.

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54 Responses to “Need Relationship Advice? Top 3 Chat Rooms to Check Out”

  1. Iris Says:

    We were together for 6 1/2 years and he left, would like to be alone and rationaly told me that leaving me could be one of the biggest mistake in his life or could be not. For about the first 5 years he love me dearly, but I could not see it– I let it slip away due the effect that I lost my brother shortly after I met him, and 2 years after that I lost my Mom… Honestly I am very regret for did not appreciate his love back way.

    Before he left, he told that he is still love me, but not the same way as he’s used to. The reason he left is because he felt exhausted, felt that his life in the past years was “redundant”, and he let it happened that way. I knew this is mostly my mistake for neglect our relationship in the past years. I also knew that, this is not a good time to claim myself, but it is the truly and I am willing to open my arms to receive the consequences, and willing to fix if I have a chance.. as a matter of fact on our previous breakup, I seeked help from a couple couselor and he wasn’t much into the ideal, but did come to see the conselor for 3 times. We were broke for about a dozen in the past 6 years, but actually had not completely been apart for more than 2 days, but this time he moved out and want me to move on. I was feeling badly hurt … I knew he was hurting too, but I guess I was hurting much much more because I still greatly in love with him and he knew it I think. I told him that he is my universe, my everything…

    When the movers done loading, he come and said he is leaving and kiss me on my neck and then on my lips. I could not hold my tears and told him that I will wait for him, and he responsed that I don’t have to wait for him… He also told me that we’ll see each other again. I don’t how many times my tears dropped since he left… It was so so painful, a lot lot lot more than my previous breakups…. I know I have to move on and respect his decision for wanting to be alone and move on. I know that I should not hope that he will come back… But for some reason, I still have a very strong resistance of loving him and deep down inside could not let it go. I could not stop thinking about all of his good things… I somehow could not think about his negative stuffs because I don’t see he is deserved that; I have a very good image of him after our previous of previous breakup and it seemed like nothing could defeat that. Any suggestions/advises would be greatly appreciated.


  2. treena Says:

    i need some advice. me and my husband have been together for almost 3 years and known eachother for the same amount of time. in the begining we just drank and got high for a few months and then my mom got really sick and i was focused on her, our relationship was put on hold but i still tried to be with him, my mom was sick for 6 months before she died, and i got pregnant a month before she died. he wasnt emotionally there for me at all while my mom was sick and after she passed i moved in with him and his family. and from there he didnt do anything to get ready for the baby, we were broke all the time because we paid for our portion of the rent, all the bills and all the groceries for a 7 person family. do u think a mininum wage job could afford that?!! hell no. we werent able to save up at all. and beside living with the most disrespectful family, my husband would always be so insecure. he would make fun of me if i tried to look nice or put makeup on. not only was i depressed but i had to deal with him always saying im cheating on him and not let me look nice. i never have cheated on him ever. i dont even talk to any guys. i stopped even talking to my female friends so he would know i only talked to him. i gave him my everything my heart my love my soul i loved him so much and i never got anything in return but i stll stayed with him cuz i loved him.
    since we were always broke any ways i decided it would be the same to get our own apartment i had to beg to get it and when we did move it was 1 week before i gave birth. and then it was all me not only i had to take care of the baby by myself i had no help from family or my husband adn i was exhausted but i had to cook and clean too no one help we only ate once a day beacuse thats all i had energy for my husband didnt do crap. and still i loved him and i married him after having the baby i stil loved him so much i dont know why though. and now a few months ago i realyized i resent him sooooo much i have never felt like i wanted to kick someones ass before and now i do to my husband!! i just look at hium and i feel disgusted and hate and i want to physically and mentally hurt him and it hurts me cuz i do love him still hes my husband but i dont know how to get over all the fellings of disapointmetn and hate i have for him. i cant feel that toward my husband thats horrible or is that normal? i dont know. and i have let him know all this he knows; i cant even have sex with him which makes everything even harder. and hes been tryign to changehe really has hes been cleaning and cookin a little bit and helping with the baby alot and he admits he ws an idiot. so he is trying but still my feeeling s are so strong. and i want him to leave i told him to leave today and he was packing and i was happy but i cant make it all on my own with a baby its not like i have any family to love with

  3. treena Says:

    i mean live with. and i would really like to make it work cuz we did have some love in the begining i dont kno what to do

  4. jrr Says:

    Last November, I meet a 31y/o H/F I’m 47y/o H/M we are getting ready to marry next September. Last january for about 3 days I noticed she was distance and I asked her but she state she was doing some stuff with her 7 y/o child. Today I get a phone call from her best friend and she is telling me that my fiance told her hat she was with her exhusban (divorce 3 years prior) and they had sex last January. I aked my fiance to tell me if this is what hapend she denied this happening and tells me hat she has not been with any one since we got together last November. my concern is that he allegation do match the behavior I experianced from her during he stated time.
    any advice??????

  5. realtionship? Says:


    Having problems w/ relationship. Never fell secure. Social isolated. Times we are at home we never spend together. Uncomfortable around her. Unreliable, irresponsible. No trust. Dishonest. No future plans are ever discussed. Life goals. She is day to day. Dissassociates with me. Conversation is minamual and often argumentative. Puts me down to other people. Never have fun or build any bond. She never makes sexual advances towards me, so when I do to her, she often shots me down and makes me look desparet. Sighs loudly when I touch her. Spends a lot of time on social network sites. Depression and stress are takeing a physicial toll on me. Constant head aches, back aches and neck hurts. Chain smoke ciggareets. I talk to myself out loud, cause I have no social outlet? Money issues, we never plan or seem to use it responsibly, and it bothers me. I have started devalue my own moral compass. She use to be a dancer and a prostitute and had no knowledge of this when I meet her 10 years ago. She hid a lot of information from me. Associatied with a perverted old man as a sugar daddy. I’m sure they had a sexual realtion ship, but lied when confronted. Controlling. Anger easy aspecialy when I get close to something suspicious. Cant admit the truth when I already know it. Like I so hung up on validation. We have 5 kids. And I’m neglectful, I do not spend as much time with them as I should. I fell bad cause of my relationship status, being so fake and negective. Sex never, never happens anymore. Starting to feel frustrated and stupid. She is completely unhappy. Our parents do not get along. She got me detached from my friends and family. We talk deeming to each other. Growing resentment. Unintressed in me. Bored. Yet will seek out conversations on-line with others. Set profile to private setting. When questioned acted innocent, but when I asked if I could see it, she never showed me. Will click off web page if I enter the room. Will spend time to get ready when she goes out with other but never “dolls up for me”. Seem userfriendly, always using angles.

  6. Kenny Says:

    Hey maybe this is off topic but i really need help, i really like these two girls and both of them like me, but im sooo unsure whom to kind of choose :( this is stupid why does i live without a girlfriend for my whole life and then two beautiful women sayin they like me at the same time -.-
    i dont get what im supposed to do?

    - Please help me

  7. sally montane Says:

    Hey, I am 11 years old and today went into school and met up with my bestfriend Emma, and she lives in a rough estate, but shes not rough, shes really nice but her mum hasent got much money,
    I met her in high school and shes one of the bestfriends ive ever had.
    Well to get to the point, shes been hanging around with some ‘rough’ people and they’ve got her into smoking, and ive said Im never gonna have it!
    and she accepts Ill never get drawn into it but.. she REALLY addicted in school today she was so stressed because she had gone 6hours without them!. so she ran home.. Im really worried about her.. what do I do?!!! please help!♥

  8. john Says:

    So me and my friend were hanging out and, later on we were laying on his bed. I was laying on one side with my head on the pillow and, she was laying right by me and, using the same pillow but different side of it. When she see’s me she only says hi to me and, she makes a face and is like oh great… it’s you then smiles and says just kidding. She thinks i am really funny and, i don’t know if she is attracted to me or what. When we were standing outside, she was standing super super close to me right beside me and, at the bus bay she always does that. She rode my bus today and, she has wanted to come over to my house a couple times within the two weeks with my best friend as well. I always go over and hang out with him. When my friend was playing the drums, i saw her recording me laying there?….Lol. I really like her and, i have known her for like a week maybe? I would really like to give us a shot and, think we would work out well together. Any advice on what she is feeling or, what i can do? I am a tiny bit chubby but, i have muscle definition and, am not really that big if that matters whatsoever. Thanks guys!

  9. CONFUSED Says:

    i was dating a guy we broke up seven months ago. now he contacted me during the holidays we talkd about starting over and he ignores my calls . he calls me from time to time but i call him he don’t answer . he says i should just wait he got some stuff he needs to get taken care of but he shows nothing .-(

  10. Lala1984 Says:

    My boyfriend of nearly 10 years cheated on me while heavily intoxicated. He was propositioned by an aquantance via facebook. I found a hotel confirmation in his email and confronted him and he confessed to everything (oral sex by her) then he left out of disguest and regret for what he had done. All the while still under the influence. I have never seen his this upset in our whole relationship. Maybe I am still in shock of the situation, but I almost feel more mad that he drove under the influece than I do that he cheated. He swears they didn’t kiss, and he didn’t touch her, and will never talk to her again. From what I understand she is just a girl with low self esteem, and has made propositions in the past, that he ignored. It was a mixture of drunkeness and stupidity I guess. He seems genuinely sorry and regretful. I feel as if I owe our relationship another chance, because he has never done anything like this before, and I really love and care about him, he is my best friend. Is that stupid of me?

  11. Sarah Says:

    Hi I’m 14 and me and my boyfriend have been dating for 5 months and we have not kissed. We do hold hands and hug but THAT’S IT! It’s not that we are shy around eachother we have known eachother since birth but I would like it if he held me and put his arms around me. But h hasn’t attempted to because he’s doesn’t think that I want to. And since we have known eachother since birth he knows I have never been the type to do all that and that he is my first real boyfriend.
    Please give me some advice!!
    Thanks :)

  12. Dylan Says:

    Ok, cliche but there’s this girl. I met here through my best friend/room-mate. Didn’t think nothing of her. Then about 6 month into their dating, I’m thinking wow, she’s a really kool person, and so-on. I kinda put that into the closet and don’t let it out. Things like it came up every now and then, nothing major. Then maybe a year latter it dawns on me that I might have feelings for her. So I think about, and come to the conclusion (which I now know to be wrong) that its just physical/sex. So the three of us keep things up they way that they’ve been going. I play the role of bestfriend for him, and protective big brother for her. I end up moving out, far out, like Alberta out. I worked out there for a while, came back after six month. Moved in with my dad for a while. didn’t see much of either of them. Got back to working, started a new job in a new field, eventually moved back into the city. Started seeing him again. Apparently things aren’t going well with them, but their trying. I give him my support, but I really don’t care. I know he plays the field fare to much for my liking, let alone hers. I see her every now and then and It feels more intense than it ever was. I let things go cause I know there trying to work it out, and I care to much about the friendship to try anything. Now its beens about a year since I got back, and after a rather intense dream about her, non-sexual mind you, but still intense, set my mind racing for her…. just looking for some insight, advice, anything

  13. Vinnie Says:

    What qualities you look in a man to consider him for a date.

    Ladies and Only ladies please try and answer me as truthfully as possible. I might sound a complete loser or a total idiot. When I was 21 and I tried to introspect that why is it so that no women has even shown any interest in me (in-fact they have been so repulsive of me that I am yet to go on a date) so I asked few of my male friends (who were virtually changing partners then change clothes) what do women look in a man for dating.

    Top answers were (not in any order):

    • Bold attitude and great Sense of Humor.
    • Makes a lot of Money.
    • Is not physically or emotionally abusive.
    • Is really well educated.
    • Is Good Looking
    • Well Educated

    Well six years later I feel either I didn’t get what most of them said or perhaps they were wrong. Because in the last six years I have added an MBA degree to my name from one of the Ivy league B-Schools. I earn reasonably well (enough for my partner not need to work in her life). I am a business consultant a job requiring you to be bold and great communicator. I don’t recall I have even been in my life in a brawl or can be termed emotionally or physically abusive. Although I wont say I look great but wont be much worse then an average bloke.

    Guess what I am 28 yet to date and single as usual. Now I know for sure no one understand a women more then a women does so ladies, please advice me what else is needed. Now it’s become a question of my identity.

  14. Roshanda Says:

    how can i tell if i am in a controlling relationship

  15. Christine Says:

    i’ve been dating this guy for a year and a half and i love him so much. I live in Virginia and he recently moved to louisiana. Although we do fight a lot, and our families dont like each other, we really do love each other. Lately he’s been in a slum, he’s homeschooled now and he wont get up until 12 and then he’ll play video games. also, he broke his phone so we can only talk over facebook. i was really upset the other day because it was the anniversity of my friends death and he wasnt online and i needed someone to talk to and talked to one of his friends on the soccer team. I thought he was the school manwhore/airhead but he’s actually really sweet and he wants to major in the same subject as me. when my boyfriend heard that i talked to him, he freaked out and broke up with me. we worked it out now. He’s coming up to visit during spring break and coming back for prom also, but why can’t i stop thinking about the new guy?

  16. mella Says:

    how do i get my boyfriend not to be mad at me anymore?

  17. Vicktoria Says:

    my boyfriend cheated on my four months into our relationship and kept it from me and burly told me nine months after. What should i do?

  18. alex Says:

    heyy, idk how this works exactly but i need advice.
    okay i am 14 years old and i met this guy that goes to my school, he is 17. which is not a big deal for me because i go after older guys all the time and he doesnt seem to mind. anyways, he is into psychology alot soo he fucks with my mind allll the time. he tickels me all the time and he just admited that it was to get me closer to him xD he also calls me kitty because i am cute and small ahah. he is constantly hugging me and stuff, like i actually fll asleep on his chest in his bed with him because we were cuddling (no we did not do anything sexual). but i have only known him really good for the last week. before that i had only talked to him twice. umm he made a big deal about how when he puts his arm around me, i fit perfectly into his sholder. i still cant tell if he likes me or not…PLEASE HELP!

  19. Jessy Says:

    How to fix a broken heart.

  20. a bit confused Says:

    i love two boys and im not sure if they love me back but i need to find out . we have been really close friends since year 7 and if i ask one out will it spoil my friendship ? im not sure which one i loe more and i dont know which to ask out can anybody help me ?

  21. Kaytlin Says:

    hi, i had a boyfriend for about a year and a half now, he just recently broke up with me. im so confused, i caught him texting this one girl and got mad, we didnt even get in a figh or anything though, we were happy and stuff, then the next day he brke up with me, im so confused, she strted messaging me on facebook and stuff telling me everything he said to her, when i told him he got mad, at ME. i love him to death but hes so mad at me, and i didnt do anything, i want him back so bad, i text him alot alot and he always told me to just stop texting him and were over, i mean weve broke up b4 and got back together cause he really cares about me, but idk, hes so mean now, i quit talking to him for like 6 days, then i wrote hima really sweet letter and sent it to him thoughj mail, the next day i text him and i was very nice and just asked him if he got the letter, he was so mad he text me back and said to stop texting him or else he will block my number, im so upset, i love him, ive tries everything, i dont know what to do, i need help, proffessional help,pls, i jsut want to at least get to that point where i can talk to him for just an hour or so in person, hes so mean to me when when im not arounnd him, but hes so sweet to me when i am, i really need help, please, i want him back, pls tell me what i should do

  22. alex Says:

    Why does my boyfriend take pictures of himself (trying to look sexy) and not sending them to my phone or email? He says because he doesn’t look like the pictures? and also said you already have me so why do I need to send you them? it doesn’t make sense to me. He does have low self confidence on his looks too because of his weight. please help me

  23. harlow Says:

    I grew up with a guy named derek. Our families were like one, and while my mom worked i would go to their house before and after school to take the bus home and to elementary school. derek, his sisters and I were all close and they lived on a farm so we were always out doing something outside. it was a great childhood. derek and i fought sometimes, mostly because when his cousins who were his next door neigbours came over they would tease and bully me. and derek would join in then be nice when they left. when elementary school was over i stopped going over everyday and we would only see eachother at family things like christmas dinners… and other things. Years and Years later, when I was in grade 11 we started talking to eachother on facebook. just hi whats new, talking about the family. and the next day we bumped into eachother at a movie theatre and after the movie was done he found me and asked me if i wanted to come bowling with him and his step brothers who are younger than him so i did. it was fun. after that we started talking on the phone everyday, it wasnt me calling it was him just so you know i wasnt being the one to start it all. And he invited me over to his house, the house we both grew up in, and we talked and laughed and i helped him work and milk cows and do chores at the farm and we would stay up till like 4 in the morning talking and laughing and teasing eachother about the past, it was fantastic and so much fun! I started looking forward to his phone calls and texts and emails and seeing him. we started talking every single day, and hanging out a few times a week. we never left the house though because i dont think he wanted anyone to know we had a relationship cuz they use to tease us about it when we were younger. so for months and months and months we hung out at his house, talking, laughing and just learning about eachother. The whole time we never kissed or anything, we hugged and sorta cuddled when we sat on the couch, i think i was to scared at that age especially with him, i wanted to save it all with him. I found out that his on and off girlfriend of three years had been caught by him cheating on him, and for 8 months she asked for him back and he said he loved her but didnt want to go back. we started talking about her and him a lot! I gave him advice, i wasnt mean toward her at all except once i said once a cheater always a cheater. then one day he stopped calling me and texting me and messaging me and we stopped hanging out. i was horrified. we had an incredible relationship, he said so himself and i could tell because ive known him for a long long time. i was so crushed. my parents and grandparents and his aunt and sisters wanted us to be together.. it was funny just like old times. i had no idea why he stopped talking to me. he messaged me on facebook once and i asked why he stopped talking to me, and he said its cuz he was starting to like me!? well duuuh you told me that everytime we hung out. we joked about getting married, and kids and spending our life together, and we were really close friends for a long time. he treated me the best ive ever been treated. he was my best friend. and he logged off and i didnt talk to him for years until one day our families (that are like one big family) went to mexico for two weeks together and we were both there. he came with his girlfriend who had cheated on him a long time ago. She was sensational. she was sweet and fun. but they fought ALOT!!! he treated me like nothing ever happened between us. i was embaressed to be there because i had gained a lot of weight and wasnt in my comfort zone. years later still nothing, and i have dated many other guys, great guys. and have had many other friendships with many other people and I cannot get this guy out of my thoughts, no matter how mad and upset i was i forget about it because i want him in my life so badly. even just as a friend. he was my rock. i could go into more detail about our old relationship and you would see why im so upset that he is not in my life so much anymore. So years passed and i wouldnt think about him everyday but one morning i could wake up and of had a dream about him and i couldnt forget about him for days and days or i would see him at my gradmas or he would just come say hi to my dad.. (we have the same family we are just not related by blood or marriage..its complicated haha) How do i stop feeling this way about him, how come i feel so sttrongly about him and not about others even though he is with another fantastic girl, his mom loves her. she is in the family now, i still cant get over it. i still have extremely strong feelings towards him, i miss our friendship to death and would do anything to have him in my life again… but i know it wouldnt happen. Im so lost, i need advice or just someone to talk to, no one can beat him. every guy or friend i have never beats him.

  24. Lesha Says:

    If you knew that a close family member was having an affair with your friend’s husband; what would u do?

  25. Malissa Martin Says:

    I have this guy that i like. i have known him since we where tiny. well, i happened to set him and my friend up together. i didnt think he would talk to her. i made a mistake and now i regret it. Well i have feelings for him and i think he feels the same way about me. but their comes in my friend and also we dont talk to as much as we use to, so idont exactlly know if he’s trying to hide his feelings are isnt interested. bbut everytime where are in a room with eachother something jus happens to me and where constantly trying to take a peek at eachother I DONT KNO WHAT I SHOULD DO!!! SHOULD I TELL HIM HOW I FELL OR DONT TAKE A CHANCE IN MESSING UP THE REALTIONSHIP UP THAT I ALREADY HAVE WITH HIM AND ALSO MY FRIEND’S???

  26. Kelly Says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for 8 yrs. We have been through alot together over the years and managed to keep together….But this past year We lost our place to live , lost all of our things in storage, weve been struggling with long hrs at our jobs and still barely making ends meet now weve live in a room , we both work but we have wage attachments and they should be ending in 2 yrs but the pressure is making us take each other for granted and we are starting to be less close and he makes most of the money for us to live in the room , he for the past couple days isnt talking to me and goes to bed right after dinner and we havent been having sex . I love him very much but I feel that our life together seems like constant problems financially . He does work very hard and I believe that he does care for me but he probably feels consumed like me. We hardly do anything together anymore hes always working..I miss my best friend , lover and partener… I tried talking to him but he just sits there and doesnt say anything .Is it over ? and if it is what do I do I dont have any family and I dont make enough to live on my own? I really feel scared and alone…I miss the happiness…Please help me…Thank you…

  27. Sheila Says:

    My friend and I are both married, we have both cheated on our husbands in the past, not having sex with them. In the last few months those men have come back into our lives and we want to be mature enough to walk away, but having been so long we love hearing from them and having the attention. It brings back alot of memories good and bad. What should we do?

  28. Franny Says:

    Hi! I’m Franny, I have a little problem
    There’s a boy and his name is Tim, we’ve been friends since about February, and i mean like best freinds! Anyway, I strated liking him in March, but he began to date my freind Jessica so I backed off. I grew apart from Jessica and became best freinds with Tim’s neighbor, Heather. I go over to Heather’s house and everytime I go over there we hang out with Tim. Everytime I see him I like him again, I think I love him. About two days ago he was over at my house and he found my journal (diary) and in the journal it was pretty much all about him, and how I felt about him. I layed next to him as he read and he hugged me and cuddled with me, but he’s still dating Jessica. I tried texting him all day yesterday but no response, then last night around midnight he text me saying sorry I just got my phone. But yesterday Heather went over to talk to him, and she asked him, “How did you feel about Franny’s journal?” and Tim said “I thought hard about it.” and Heather said “Good? Bad? What?” and Tim said “Good and bad.”
    I’m not sure what to do, I kind of want to tell Tim in person that I love him or over the phone, because all he did was read it in my journal…What should I do?

  29. Marie Says:

    Ok, so last night, I got reallly drunk. I’ve never been drunk before. I’m 18. Well, this month on the 25th, is my boyfriend and I’s 1 year. Last night, he went on home because he had to go somewhere with his dad this morning. My car is broke down at his house and my friend Jos. took me home so he didn’t have to waste gas and she was going to stay over. Well she has had a bad week and she was wanting to drink. I didn’t mind. But my boyfriend doesn’t like me drinking, he’s 21, but I thought “It’ll be ok.” Well a guy we graduated with sent us a pic. of his fridge, which was loaded with alcohol. Well Jos. told him to bring a good bit on over. So he did. We were just drinking and having fun. Well Jos. is a pretty small girl so she was gone first. Then me. I can’t remember a whole lot about last night, but long story short, her and I ended up in just our panties due to a dare, as did the guy. Jos. got sick and knocked out. Well I was on the porch with the guy and we were talking about stuff and he came on to me, and I didn’t stop him. I gave him head, and we did it. He didn’t get off or anything, so it wasn’t a long. After, I wanted to literally shoot myself in the face. I love my boyfriend so much but I cheated on him? I don’t even know how that happened. Well my boyfriend has only had 1 other relationship, no joke, he’s such an amazing guy. But that one ended because she cheated on him a good bit. I don’t know what I should do…. just leave it alone and don’t say anything… or tell him everything. I just feel horrible. My friend says don’t tell him because I wasn’t myself last night. But I’ve always been truthful to my boyfriend. Please help….

  30. Tipsy Says:

    Hey everyone! I just looked up relationship chat rooms because I need someone else’s opinion on something.

  31. margarita Says:

    I NEED AN ADVICEE….xx I like a boy a lot….and I don’t know what to do…I am going to training every day and he is in my group..and we know that we like each other…We have been so good friends and after of 4-5 months of training we told ourselves lets try to be together but not a couple…and I said okay what do we have to lose? for a a week after this we don’t speak each other..and he went with a lot of girls…but now he told me that he came back…and do not push him away again(in a party he tried to kiss me and I walk away) and know he has been friends with my best friends(boys&girls) and I felt so good to be friend with him…but I still like him….what I have to do know? just don’t do nothing(and tell nobody about my feelings)and be friends ? or ……..?but seriously I think that he don’t care about me…but I don’t know…

  32. April Says:

    Until recently, my ex and I had not spoken in 7 years. A couple of months ago, I decided to take a risk in getting in contact with him by mailing a card and give him my number. To my surprise, it worked. I received a text from him two months later. I happened to ask him what made him finally decide to contact me after all tese years and he said that he wanted to see how I was and maybe see where it leads. My feelings for him have always been there. At the time that we were together, we both were too immature to be in a relationship and it was moving too fast too soon so we broke it off. It ended kinda bad. :( I’ve been in relationships ever since then, but not to my surprise they haven’t worked out and I feel its because my heart is still his. What I want to know is how do I go about finding out his feelings for me without being obvious?!? We only talk through texting. And in a couple of days, I will be up his way visiting family and I would love to meet up with him. Is it too soon to take that risk? I believe if you don’t take the chance you may never know and I am scared to run him off. Please help!

  33. jazmine Says:

    theres this guy that i like, and he likes me to, but now im finding he might even be dating this girl he said he hated. What do you think is really going on?

  34. Lauren Says:

    i’m 19 years old and broke up with my first love about 8 months ago, he was really controlling at times and hot tempered. it was a messy breakup and i really lost myself in it and i think he did too. for 2 months he ignored me then came back trying to win me over but i was so confused because i was in the middle of trying to get over him that i pushed him away. that was 5 months ago and things were still so messy when i saw him over the summer we only yelled at eachother. he tried taking me out to eat but i was so guarded it didnt really go anywhere. hetold me he still had feelings for me but i kept pushing him away scared that hed snap again and id be feeling like i had for two months. i never told him all of this because i was afraid of his reaction and his hot temper. i wouldnt give him a full chance to prove it and i really regret it. i wake up thinking about him and go to sleep thinking about him and everything i regret and he’s already moved on. i dont know what to do. i dont know if it would do any good to tell him all of this just to be rejected. and i dont know if i can bear holding it in any longer. things are such a mess and its his fault and mine too, but i really think its too late i told him how i felt and he blew me off when i asked him to hang out. hes always been a really emotionally complex person so i really think its because i never flat out told him i was still in love with him. but i dont even know if it matters anymore. advice please!

  35. dog Says:

    my bf of over a yr at the current time said he wants to not “break up” but end our relationship because he doesnt have time between school and what not. does he really not have time..or is he trying to get out of something he isnt into anymore? yet he said he still wants to see eachother when there is time and still talk.

  36. Jess Says:

    Ive been seeing this guy getting to know him since April, weve been to BBQ, been out in town, ive stoped at his and at other friends with him and just recently he went on a lads holiday to the same place as i went on my girls holiday and we met up most nights and had a great time together. We got back and made things official and the following week was great.. our first actual date just me and him was only a when we got back but couldnt have gone better.. drinks and again i stoped at his. But this is my problem.. he works over 50 hours a week and dosent have a lot of free time so the following week ive not seen him at all.. which i understand. But he wanted to see me in person and said that hes not had a girlfiend in four years and yes he likes me but wants to get in to a serious relationship just after christmas when he has time off because hell have more free time. At the minute he feels bad that he cant give me that so he said we should have tried to see how we could have worked around this before we got in to a relationship… I just dont understand how it went from amazzzing to a break up? Yes hes very quite.. he dosent express his feelings well but weve been getting so close recently.. He says he needs time to decide what he wants and how to go about being in a serious relationship properly! He wants to just go back to haveing fun and seeing me when he sees me not booking anything in! hes not the type of boy who flirts with girls hes really quite so thats not a problem for me but he just said at christmas time mabey we can see what happens? What should i do? Does it sound like he wants to be with me.. Is he afriad of commitment or is he just afriad to get serious? Or that its been so long hes afraid of getting it wrong or that he dosent like me? I did as that and he said he dose like me and he knows how much i like him which is why he told me in person because he respects my feelings and i deserve to be told if hes not 100% there? Please help me ………. i neeeed advise should i wait around i really like him??? Thanks

  37. Jess Says:

    Ive been seeing this guy and getting to know him since April, weve been to BBQs, been out in town, ive stoped at his and at other friends with him and just recently he went on a lads holiday to the same place as i went on my girls holiday and we met up most nights and had a great time together. We got back and made things official and the following week was great.. our first actual date ..just me and him was only when we got back (our first romantic date date) but couldnt have gone better.. drinks and again i stoped at his. But this is my problem.. he works over 50 hours a week and dosent have a lot of free time so the following week ive not seen him at all.. which i understand and took all that in to consideration when we started going out.. iwas willing to work around it. But after not seeing me for a week he wanted to see me in person and said that hes not had a girlfiend in four years and yes he likes me but wants to get in to a serious relationship just after christmas when he has time off because hell have more free time. At the minute he feels bad that he cant give me that so he said we should have tried to see how we could have worked around this before we got in to a relationship… I just dont understand how it went from amazzzing to a break up? He told his friends that he likes me hes always grabbing me and kissing me when he sees me! Yes hes very quite.. he dosent express his feelings well but weve been getting so close recently.. He says he needs time to decide what he wants and how to go about being in a serious relationship properly! He wants to just go back to haveing fun and seeing me when he sees me not booking anything in! hes not the type of boy who flirts with girls hes really quite so thats not a problem for me but he just said at christmas time mabey we can see what happens? What should i do? Does it sound like he wants to be with me.. Is he afriad of commitment or is he just afriad to get serious? Or that its been so long hes afraid of getting it wrong or that he dosent like me? I did as that and he said he dose like me and he knows how much i like him which is why he told me in person because he respects my feelings and i deserve to be told if hes not 100% there? Please help me ………. i neeeed advise should i wait around i really like him??? Thanks

  38. bridget Says:

    I was unfaithful in my 18 yr marriage..we seperated for a yr and he moved my friend in…now we are back together and he cant seem to move forward…we love each other very much and are about to be grandparents…how do we get past this

  39. Jon Says:

    just like to know about advice what is goin on with my 3yrs relationship. that this guy wanna threw away

  40. Michelle Says:

    Hi I need some advice. I have been in a relationship for 10 years and I am with someone who is verbally abusive and who is emotionless. He acts like I am a burden if I get sick or hurt. Tonight I was helping him move something and my finger got caught under a display case and I was really hurt and he told me to get up and get out and I knew my finger was broke so I had to drive myself to the urgent care and then he was accusing me of not wanting to help him and was being very mean. While we were talking why I waiting to be seen by the doctor he had a call come in and said that was more important then me and he took the call.

  41. Elizabeth Says:

    I need help with my relationship. Last Wednesday My boyfriend and Brother decided to get drunk. I already went to bed, because I had to work in the morning. My boyfriend got really drunk and my brother caught on trying to get him to bed. He wake me up a couple of time ti help him. Each time he would not go to bed. When we finely got him to bed 3am. He was so mad that he stormed out of the house and I started to worry after a hour and a half went by. I went into my car and started to look for him. I found him walking down the street and I pick him up. He still look very anger and would not talk to me or anything. It did not brother me at the time because he was drunk, But the day after he was still mad about it and would not talk to me. As the day gone on he got worse and would kiss me or anything. I finely ask him what was going on he told me. It felt different between us and he did not know why. I ask him if he was mad at me and he said no. I also ask him if he still love me and he said yes. Then I ask him if he felt distant and he said yes and no. he said it was hard to explain. I don’t know what this mean or what I should do. Please help

  42. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Jess,

    it sounds like you two really like each other.
    I, if it was me, would wait for him, he obviously respects you and likes you, he sounds like a really nice guy. If you think that you belong with him then wait and see what happens at christmas.

    Buy him a gift, show him what hes missing and see what he does.
    The worst that could happen is he says hes not ready.

    All the best… good luck… and Smile :)

    Becca x

  43. Tajwar Joshu Says:

    I like this girl i had been liking her for over a year now, but at the beginning of us i asked her out straight away and she said i will think about it which meant no, then months later we became closer we hugged, texted,and had long chats on the phone.
    But the only problem was she never sees the obvious things about me, like on the last day of year 10 i went to say bye and i wanted to tell her how i felt about her now because i was not gunna see her for six weeks and she was with her friend and her friend said ”why do you always have to be here” and the person i liked was like ”Go go” and i got upset, she didn’t even back me up and say leave him alone and say a good bye but she just said ”go”
    And after that i told her about it why she didn’t even say anything and she was like sorry
    then for a week in the holidays she blanked my calls soo i did not call back
    Now when we got back to school she dont even look at me and i love her and it hurts inside i don’t know what to do…

  44. sandy Says:

    when me and my partner go out all he does is look at other womans breasts and when i say about it he denies it but all our friends have told him about it they say thathe does not need to do it and he says he does not need to look at mine when we are out as he has got them anyway also can you tell me what signs to look for when your man is flirting with other woman.

  45. rebecca Says:

    am inlove with my sister exboyfriend,but she is getting marry to someone else this december, but his still interested in her, he call me and call her too but now he stop calling me. please i need an advice but they never makelove.

  46. Emily Says:

    So everyone has that person from their dreams right? the guy who is exactly what they are looking for. well you can imagine my surprise when my dream guy moved to my school. Thats right hes got it all, the look, the athleticism, the smarts, and he s the right age. i couldnt believe my luck! But one problem… he doesnt even know i exist!!!! i messaged him on facebook but we were never on at the same time so we never had a real conversation. i gave him my number but no response. I know this probably means he isnt interested and i should just move on but i cant bring myself to give up on the guy ive been literally dreaming about before i even met him!!!

  47. kelsey Says:

    i have liked this guy for 3 years. last year he told me he liked me but nothing happened. we would text every night past midnight and then he just stopped. he goes to a new school now and i dont get to see him. again he wont text me back, how do i get him to text back?

  48. Cheyenne Says:

    My name is cheyenne, and i am fourteen year’s old. i am dating a seventeen year old named ethan. Ethan, he is a strong believing christian, he had been in a strong christain family all his life; as where i haven’t been that lucky, my mom a phsyco, and my dad a drug addict, to assamed of himself to admit it to hid family. Over this last summer i had started to hangout with the wrong people, and got in trouble. i straightened myself out and went to church. And that is where i meet ethan, i have feel in love with him over the past couple of month’s, he has brought me to god. But niether my parent nor my sister new about him intill last night when my mother walked into my room and he was sitting on the couch. i was going to tell her the next day. But she had grounded me, and has no trust in me. what can i do to get them to trust in me and let me see ethan?

  49. sanjana Says:

    me and my boyfriend were in a long distance relationship 2 years back!for a year it was going on well and there were chances of me moving into the same city!but because of some problems i couldnt and he started ignoring me!he sated other girls also in this past 1 year!whenever i cried and begged him to come back he asked me to wait!now that i am so close to moving into his city he says he doesnt want me and that he doesnt want to get serious with anyone and asked me to move on!at this point of time i have complete shattered down and i dont know what i should do and why he decided to give up on me!now i am not even sure if i should move to his city or not for my college!!i want him back anyhow!please help!

  50. RAMISH Says:

    i really want disscuss somthing really vry imprtant about this guy……. actually we met just 3 times and you know what he asked me to go to his flat even in 1st meeting and in last meeting when he just said that we can stay just friends…. i just hate all this going in room etc because i am muslim. i asked him to talk to my parents and he said i didn’t think about that. it seems that he just want a physicl relation and nothing else he used to say to me THAT YOU ARE REALLY FROM 70′S . but i am muslim and i don’t want to lie to my parents r do anything due to which i can’t make eye contact with my parents. He is not the right guy for me. i gifted him in our meeting, a tedy bear holding a heart on which written LOVE OF MY LIFE and a perfume he accepted that very warmly. Actually he asked me to meet him one last time to fill all grudges and gaps between us when i already text him that we can stay just friends, if u want otherwise lets end it here. then he replied ok we can stay friends and please meet me just as a friend. And when i meet him he was continuesly looking at me and saying you are soooo cute and adorable and asked me to give him a warm hug and go to his room which i just hated and refused but on forcing him i hugged him for a second he wanted more but i pushed him back and refused, on which he said I DON,T KNOW WHO DID YOUR BRAIN WASHING AGAINST ME and i said look I REALLY DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR GIRL FRIEND IF U REALLY WANT ME THEN PLEASE TALK TO MY PARENTS THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME TO DO ALL THIS I HAVE NO RIGHT TO COME WITH YOU IN YOUR ROOM AND HUG YOU. He didn’t said to me ever that he love me he just used to say that I LIKE U. When in the last meeting i asked him that WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW? he said lets be just friends. And i were really hurted because a person asking me to hug him just before few mins now saying lets stay friends. And i said WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ALL THIS BEFORE? on which he said YOU DIDN’T ASKED IT BEFORE. i asked him YOU HUGGED ME JUST AS A FRIEND? And said WHEN???? i was just shocked and badly hurted and then realized he is really not a serious man he just want one thing from me. and he told me that he had stayed with 7 girl friends before me. He was 29, mature, successfull, well educated person i didn’t expected this from him. I refused to stay his friend and in contact with him he forced me alot but still i didn’t . he asked me alot that lets stay friends we will hangout and etc etc I REFUSE, he said ok just PHONE FRIENDS, I REFUSED, he asked me whats the big deal in it i said I WAN’T TO FORGET YOU, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST AND WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. He asked me to look too him one last tim but i didn’t.
    he didn’t replied a single word of my text.
    NOW KINDLY TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I DO?? i love him but he is flirt and not a good guy he used to insult me too sometimes on text. its a day we finished everything. will he contact me? missing me? he really didn’t having a soft corner for me? will in future he get sincere feelings for me????
    please reply soon i am waiting :(

  51. S Says:

    there is this guy i really like and we’ve been talking for 3 weeks now.. Almost EVERYDAY
    we skype all the time…and he’s really flirty and everything. hes in London right now but hes coming to my country in 20 days!!! and in June im going to London!! and he knows this! On chat he told me that when he comes something important is going to happen. he said he wants to get into a serious relationship… and he said he has A COUPLE of people in mind. :| … i told him that this is not a serious relationship if you have A COUPLE of people in mind… and then he said.. No it’s just 1!!!! he keeps saying flirty things INDIRECTLY! Anyway 3 nights ago we were chatting and i said — MY loooveeeee i gotta go! ill talk to u later… and he said Ok babe! Goodnight! :*…
    And we haven’t talked FOR 3 DAYS!!!! and he hasnt messaged me! he disappeared last week for 2 days and i messaged him saying where are you! i got worried.. and he said sorry babe i wasn’t home!… And we haven’t talked for 3 days Almost 4 now.. and he dosnt even message me!!!
    Lastnight i was chatting with his bestfriend and he was online for 2 hours and he didn’t even message me. When i was talking to him bestfriend middle of our conversation he said… How are you with ____… and i said what do you mean how are we… were ok… and i told him how we haven’t talked and stuff… Do you think HE told him to ask or what??

    Please help!!! should i disappear for 2 days and see what happens? … Or message him!?

  52. bree Says:

    I am going throw a lot I just broke up with the Guy I love becaues nobody likes him not even my mom he lies about Evey thing my mom thinks my friends gate him my sister loves him though and I want to let go but I can’t but he has called me names so many almost hit me but has slammed me to the ground he has stolen from my mom like she borrowed a hundred and he said he could from this Guy but she would. Have to pay back two hundred come to find out it went to his dad and I don’t know and then I am not able to talk to guys on the phone and the thing is my mom told him not to have sex or touch me inappropriate. But he did not sex but close and when my Mon asked he looked her in her face and swear on his mom. And my mom never liked him and now that this happened it is so much harder I told him to leave me alone and sticking to it is sooooooo hard I truely love him but I don’t see a future. At all I see my self drooping out like him and getting pregnet and. That being my life and I want more I want to be a nurse and work with cancer children. And I was excepted to go to a special. School in scottlen and he acted mad at me . I hope I did the right thing because. I realty love him if any advice I need it

  53. Mary Says:

    i have been with my boyfriend almopst a year now, i love him so much and i am constantly in tears because of us being apart. see he lives a five and a half hour train jorney away from me we see each other maybe every 3 or 4 weeks for a weekend and it hurts so much when i leave. he has said he loves me and never wants to leave me. one minute we spoke about marriage and living togeather but now he keeps telling me he is having doubts about it all. he said he ploves me needs me ect but thinks he wil get twenty years down the line and have regrets about not having a proper single life. i cant lose him i love him so much i think if i did i would want to die ( wouldnt actually do anything to kill myself thouhg) what do i do. i suggested a break i suggested we try a trial separation but what if he dont want me after that seperation? please help me anyone :(


  54. wondergirl7 Says:

    I am a 27 year old female who has never been in a relationship before until recently. I met this great guy about three months ago and we have a great time together and he is so thoughtful and nice to me. However, recently I am getting scared and uncomfortable with the fact that he wants to spend more time with me (we currently see each other about once or twice a week). Does this mean I do not like him enough or that I am just scared?

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